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Petabytes of Data – Tape Controlling Costs of Expansion


Petabytes of Data – Tape Controlling Costs of Expansion

Tape shows its value in 2017 as data grows and grows

tape usage graph 2016

LTO Tape Compression Capacity. Ultrium LTO (C)

You are managing environments while controlling costs and still trying to keep with in target constraints.
Budgets under pressure mean business decisions work when the numbers are right.

insideBIGDATA breaks it down with an array of price comparatives.

IT Administrators want to know ease of use. Time frames to get data in and out.

Convincing a younger generation of IT Manager that tape doesn’t suck, is not clumsy, difficult to use and complicated may take some doing.

Good news though. Tape with LTO (linear tape-open) and LTFS technology continues to improve, and tape-averse IT Administrators are starting to re-think their ‘tape sucks’ viewpoint.

Total Capacity by Year PB Compressed

Tape Usage Booms with LTFS and LTO. Ultrium LTO (C)


Capacity in the LTO-7 juggernauted up by 140% over its predecessor the LTO 6.
In a 2016 report by Channelwise the solid benefits of tape are highlighted.

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