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Can Cloud Storage Costs Fall to Zero?

Can Cloud Storage Costs Fall to Zero?

The cost of cloud storage has fallen significantly in the past few years, mostly thanks to the increase in the number of storage providers.

This competition price war is ongoing, but the question we are asking is: how low could the cost of cloud storage go?

An article on www.enterprisestorageforum.com takes a closer look.

“It’s an important question for enterprises considering purchasing new on-premise storage systems, either to replace existing systems or to provide additional storage capacity for the huge volumes of data that many organizations are now amassing. And it’s an important question, too, for the traditional storage vendors themselves, who find themselves being undercut by cloud storage providers.”

The article looks at a number of different cloud storage providers and how, while services are never truly free, more and more providers are offering unlimited space usage at a flat monthly cost, rather than on a pay-per-usage basis like before.

The article sums it up nicely:

“So as enterprise storage requirements increase, the good news is that the prospect of free storage is certainly on the horizon. But since storage has a cost it will never be truly free: you’ll still be paying the storage provider for something, even if it isn’t billed as storage.”

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