Tape keeps backups offsite and offline.

LTO technology. Offsite, offline and safe. Keep your backups offsite. Tape is an additional protection. With LTO technology, offsite storage can lower your risk exposure. Some benefits here: Article The Solution for Data Ultrium LTO (C) 2017 Continue Reading

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery…words that MD’s and business leaders have of late become all too familiar with; Corporate Governance legislation and The King Commission have highlighted the need for DR and Business Continuity Planning & Provisioning as well as the penalties for not having these in place. Continue Reading

BSF’s Partners

BSF’s Partners BSF’s strength includes service partners. Our cloud partner delivers a top-quality product. Our tape destruction partner is an expert in their field. Continue Reading

LTO, Ideal for Storing Back Ups

LTO, Ideal for Storing Back Ups The big three: HPE, Quantum and IBM show the LTO has a place in your hybrid off-site solution. http://www.statetechmagazine.com/article/2016/04/tape-storage-not-dead-thanks-lto7 Continue Reading

Tax Clearance Certificate 2017

Tax Clearance Certificate 2017 Now on our website for download. http://www.bsf.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/BSF-2016-Tax-Clearance.pdf   Continue Reading

LTO’s Delivered With Your Rotation

LTO’s Delivered With Your Rotation Need some LTO’s but can’t get out? Call our sales office and order your LTO’s. We’ll source what you need and deliver them with your scheduled rotation. No delivery charge. T’s and C’s apply Here’s some additional info from TechTarget.com http://searchdatabackup.techtarget.com/tip/How-to-estimate-the-lifespan-of-LTO-tapes Continue Reading

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