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Offsite Data Storage – With MediaTrack®

Offsite Data Storage – With MediaTrack®

Offsite With Us

Offsite data storage includes backups and archives. We store tapes, hard drives ( NAS) and small servers. (Know where you data is with MediaTrack®)

User error and theft. Disaffected employees, power surges and viruses. All bring plenty of trouble. Give yourself peace of mind. Send your backups and archives offsite.


Highlights of our facilities include

  •  a 24/7 service, 365 days a year
  • vaults have biometric access control
  • vaults are temperature and humidity controlled
  • CCTV surveillance of storage facilities
  • all our buildings are unbranded as additional security
  • fire suppression gas in vaults
  • emergency call-outs, within 90 minutes – guaranteed
  • vehicles are unbranded and satellite tracked
  • we offer a media destruction service for end-of-life tapes rendering data unrecoverable
  • vehicles are never left unmanned while data is in transit;
  • we use thickly insulated steel canisters for transporting and storing data
  • only police cleared individuals allowed in the vaults;

Offsite Data Care

Canister insulation protects media against temperature fluctuations and impact shock.

Canisters have unique numbers ensuring accurate tracking, storing and recovery processes. Best practice security polices and procedures are maintained.

The vault consists of several large temperature controlled walk-in steel rooms. Each room is coated with a heat resistant compound.

Backup Storage – You Choose Your Offsite Rotation

Our Standard Service:

  •  We offer you a choice of two available collection/delivery times.

Our Premium Service: available at an additional cost.

  • You choose your collection/delivery time.

Only you can access your offsite data. Keys are kept by you.
Unique seals, strapped over the lock, are one-use.
Media is stored in temperature-controlled vaults.

Contact our Storage Consultants for more information.