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IT Hardware and Tape Sales

IT Hardware Sales and Tape Destruction

Need LTO’s, a printer, a laptop?

Call us.

Hardware will be delivered to you.

We’ll bill your existing account with us.

No fuss.

Free delivery if you accept delivery with your scheduled rotation collection/delivery.

Delivery fee applies if outside of schedule.

We source what you need.

LTO Media Tape Description
HP LTO-2 C7972A 200/400GB
HP LTO-6 C7976A 2,5/6 25TB
IBM LTO-3 24R1922 400/800GB
IBM LTO-4 95P4436 800/16TB
Tandberg Universal Cleaning Tape

Tape Destruction

Do you have sensitive material to be destroyed?

Backup securely transports your tapes to her outsourced destroying unit.

Tapes/Floppies/Hard drives are:

Cut or crushed into small pieces
Ripped and exposed
Incinerated at 200 degrees C
You get:

A certificate specifying quantity and method used to destroy.

Call for a quote.