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LTFS and LTO : Backup to Tape – Stay in Budget


LTFS and LTO : Backup to Tape – Stay in Budget

Budgets are squeezed. Backups grow and need securing. You have to manage it all and stick to budget.


LTFS (Take the Quiz – What is LTFS?) and LTO killed those horrible days of tape A, and drive B both struggling to interface with your software.

Tape with LTFS, acts like disk. Let it help you conquer your budget.

Back up your data to tape. Pop them into our steel canister and we’ll whiz them off to the vault.

You put your attention on strategy and growth, we’ll deal with storage.


Fast Fact

From The Register UK.
“Did you know that Spectra tape libraries are being used in the US Blue Waters supercomputer project to store up to 380PB of nearline data? The NCSA has gone and bought four 17-frame Spectra T-Finity libraries just for the first year of Blue Waters’ operation.

What? Did you think the US NCSA would store 380PB of nearline data on disk? Are you nuts?”  Tape sucks no more .

Need data back in a hurry? We have that covered.

BSF’s Emergency Delivery gets data – vault-to-you, within 90 minutes – guaranteed.

Nothing beats bandwidth like a Corsa bakkie hurtling down the highway with tapes in the back.


TechTarget provides insight into why you and tape should get re-acquainted.
LTFS and Big Data

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