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Archive, Offsite Storage

Archive Storage

Store your tape archives offsite in our climate controlled, dust-free, biometric-accessed vaults.

Our vaults are individual systems – so if your regulating sector requires you have a single vault with only your data, call us.

We can scale your storage from 100 to 500 000 tapes. When we collect your tapes we log them into the vault by adding a barcode to the tape. (Supply us with your barcodes to integrate your system with us.) We scan each tape, add it to the Stock Holding and place it in a specific location in the vault. If you require a specific tape, our super-fast, iFind search function, calls up your exact tape and its precise location.

Need to Order New Tapes?

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Need an Audit?

First : We ALWAYS do a physical audit. Check A by a vault librarian and then a second verification count. Then confirmed and signed off by vault supervisor on our BSF Audit Sheet. Secondly we verify the physical audit against our MediaTrack® Stock Holding. You then choose if you need the physical, or, system audit (PDF Format). If you want to do your own audit we will supply you a librarian to assist. Your auditor will require police clearance to have access to the vault. MediaTrack® will track all your media giving you and your auditors peace of mind.

Contact our Storage Consultant for more information.