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Online Storage Arcserve

Online Storage Arcserve

Backup Storage offers Arcserve for instant business continuity.

We’ll store your archive tapes and hard drives offsite.

Access your critical data and systems in seconds with Arcserve, via Tarsus On Demand.

Advanced, patented technology (Arcserve) ensures that you can securely protect a growing dispersed network using one simple solution.

Ensured data availability.

The service assures that you can meet your growing business and regulatory demands for data availability and recoverability. There’s broad support for operating systems and platforms, and it’s easy to back up and recover critical data within individual databases, mailboxes, or cluster nodes.

The Single Pass technology rebuilds backups dynamically, so there’s no need to restore from multiple incremental backups.

Scalable and efficient

Readily scales to accommodate your company’s growth, and provides a compelling Return On Investment. You can easily and efficiently manage multiple terabytes of backup data. Speeds your backup operations and dramatically reduces storage costs by backing up only new and changed data blocks.

All data is compressed before being transferred, dramatically reducing your storage footprint and backup windows. Data de-duplication decreases this further by eliminating duplicate data within storage. Open files are backed up seamlessly, and variable bandwidth throttling ensures protection without interrupting operations.

End-to-end data security

Data is encrypted before and during over-the-wire transmission, and remains encrypted in storage. During restores, decryption occurs only when the encryption key holder enters the correct pass code. There are no “back doors”.

Compliance with industry and corporate governance requirements

The service makes it easy to comply with regulations for confidentiality, accessibility, and secure storage. An intuitive interface lets you configure retentions flexibly to satisfy your company’s governance policies for data retention.

Support for WORM storage further protects your data, and tiered storage capability lets you migrate seldom-used data to lower-cost media.

This is not only easy, but cost-effective: A single solution unifies data protection across your entire enterprise.


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