Remove Risk. Don’t Brand the Off-Site Transport

Branded vehicles:

    • You may not be comfortable with your offsite tapes and media in a branded vehicle saying, “I’m here, I’m here. Pick me!”
    • Our fleet is on the road – every single working day.
      But you’d never know.
    • We agree. Never scoff at free advertising on high visibility roads.


Backup won’t brand her vehicles.

You really don’t want a vehicle, loaded with offsite tapes whizzing down the highway shouting ‘look here !’
Every drop of your company information – HR records, customer files, payroll, intellectual property. All sitting in that steel box.

All in that one vehicle.

  • Goes for our premises too. No three metre name board exists on our buildings.
  • ‘Backup Storage’ is not emblazoned on our uniformed transport crew.
  • We stay in the shadows and peer out carefully.

Secret is safer. Off-site and safe. Ask any IT risk manager.

Low profile. Low risk. Always there for you, your offsite data and your peace of mind.

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