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Tape Backups Stop Malware : Dinosaur Turns Sexy

Why Tape Backups Stop Malware : Dinosaur Turns Sexy


‘458% increase in the number of times hackers searched Internet of Things connections for vulnerabilities’ so says Forbes Tech May 2016 review of global cyber companies.

Tape Backups, Your Air Gap Artist

Malware : the more we plug in, whizzing along cyber-highways, the sooner we’ll need tape backups. Keeping critical data backed up to tape, and stored safely offsite is the best protection against infection. Tape backups are briefly exposed to danger during the backup window, but for the most part tape sits in steel box in a cooled vault. Under optimal storage conditions tape will remain ready for instant recall for a decade or two.

Dinosaur Evolves into Sexy

Demands for cost effective and infection-free data can be met.
Tape coupled with LTO and LTFS technology turns dinosaur into sexy. Drop and drag functionality makes you think you’re on disk. Tape is cheap and after the initial hardware outlay, tape keeps on going, and going, and going. Tape creates the air gap, so crucial when an infection is slicing through your data.

Quick Update on LTFS

From Ultrium LTO, ‘LTFS can be used in an automated tape library system. Users can search, open and drag and drop files to and from the cartridge folders in a similar manner as using any other storage device. In this case, the library automation does the work of retrieving and storing the cartridges. ’

Backup Storage Facilities asks that you Consider

  • Choose a low profile offsite storage provider.
  • Check their layers of protection.
  • Conduct a site visit.
  • Ensure you can audit tapes online real-time.

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