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Tape storage – Offsite and Offline

Tape storage – Offsite and Offline – with MediaTrack®

Tape storage is the collection, transportation and storage of your backed up data. Backup Storage Facilities have been around since 1986 and we know storage well.

Your data sits in a cool vault, in an unbranded building.

Unmarked vehicles whiz around collecting and delivering.

Backups Continue to Grow

Data loss – fire, flood, hardware failure or human error. Data must be backed up.


South Africa suffers from more than a few power failures a year which could cause data to be lost or corrupted.


Media Tracking Solved

Managing data growth and retention compliance brings challenges.

Terabytes of data are pouring out of organizations and a lot of that data ends up on tape.

You need to know where all those tapes are.
Unknown or unresolved media inventory discrepancies represent major headaches to you and your compliance officers.


Keep Track of your Offsite Media 24/7

MediaTrack® pinpoints your media location.

For audits, emergency recalls or a disaster recovery incident, MediaTrack® will give you peace of mind.
Keep your media inventory reports accurate and complete.

MediaTrack®provides an extra layer of confidence. You know exactly what data you have and where it dwells.

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