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Tape Vaulting and how it plays a vital role in your company’s disaster recovery strategy.

Tape Vaulting and how it plays a vital role in your company’s disaster recovery strategy.

Data storage costs plenty. Your tight IT budget needs to have a storage solution that grows with your data, but keeps to your budget.
With innovated tape technology you can deploy your team away from babysitting the tape drive and into more strategic activities to help your company achieve its goals.

Fast Fact

With the use of automated tape libraries, very few people are involved – the automation can do the work! With the advent of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS), tape files are easy to access in a way much like using a removable disk or USB memory stick says Ultrium LTO.

With LTO 7s arrival you can really pack the data on. When you store tapes off site you are paying for the rental of the canister, not the terabytes on the tape. As your data grows and grows toy add another tapes into your canister – storage and transport costs remain the same. Good news for your finance team and your IT budget.

Best practice is an offsite data storage provider who regularly takes your data offsite. This ensures the continuous backup and safe storage of your data without the risk of holding onto a particular tape for too long on your premises.

Why continue to use tape storage in the age of cloud storage?
It’s cheap, scalable and perfect for long-term data retention. The Road Map to LTO 10 gives you peace of mind that you will have tape support into the future.

tape usage graph 2016

LTO Tape Compression Capacity. Ultrium LTO (C)

At Backup Storage Facilities (BSF), collections are focused around your rotation schedule. Your data is stored in customized insulated steel canisters and is transported to and from your premises by unmarked vehicles. Your backup tapes are available within 90 minutes guaranteed in an emergency.