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Vehicle branding. What’s the risk?

Branded vehicles:

    • No-cost advertising. High visibility.
    • Our offsite fleet is on the road – every single working day.
    • We agree. Never scoff at free advertising.


Backup won’t brand her vehicles.

Your offsite tape canister may hold 100TBs of data. Every drop of your company information. HR records, customer files, payroll, intellectual property. All sitting in that steel box.

Your 2 factor authentication token may be in our truck. Only we would know.

Our vans wear plain white. Think of it as encryption for trucks. There is no three meter name board on our buildings, so we are extra difficult to locate.

We prefer invisible.

Secret is safer. Offsite storage is secure with us.

Low profile. Low risk. Always there for you, your data security and your peace of mind.