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What is the Hybrid Cloud?

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud computing is a common trend in today’s technology. But, some companies have increased privacy, security, and regulatory demands that are not covered by a simple cloud solution. Hybrid Cloud creates a mix of public cloud providers (like Google Cloud) and private cloud solutions.

These public and private solutions communicate over encrypted connections to create solutions for a variety of organisational needs.

As with any technological solution, there can be a number of executions, so let’s look at two simple application examples.

Storage in Hybrid Cloud
Digital storage can be an expensive affair. Capacity needs versus cost are a big part of the reason why cloud storage first became popular. In many cases, cloud storage is significantly cheaper than on-premises storage per gigabyte.

A common use of the Hybrid Cloud is to combine private and public cloud storage to minimise storage costs. Organisations are increasingly turning to a cheaper cloud storage resource for non-essential and non-sensitive information while keeping critical or protected data in the private cloud. By doing so, it frees up the expensive local storage for data that actually needs it.

Hybrid Cloud for computational resources
The public and private clouds in a hybrid cloud arrangement allows organisations to store protected, sensitive data in a private cloud, while using the available resources from the public cloud to assist applications that use this data. What this means is all of the benefits of the computing resources of the public cloud, while keeping data private.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud
Simply put, Hybrid Cloud allows organisations to utilise the benefits and capabilities of public cloud platforms without having to send off all of their sensitive data to a third party. This allows a lot of flexibility while keeping data secure.

We will be looking at more benefits of Hybrid Cloud in future articles. If you would like to know more in the meantime, please contact us.